1st of December 2014, Östberg Group AB finalized the sales of Enventus AB.

Östberg Group AB and its subsidiaries AB C.A. Östberg and Suxess ERV AB will now focus in Europe on the core business for further development, manufacturing and sales of our strong brands Östberg Fans, Östberg HERU® and Suxess ERV.

Östberg Groups two subsidiaries Ostberg (Kunshan) Ventilation Co Ltd and Ostberg
India PVT Ltd have for many years manufactured and sold Enventus energy recovery wheels within the regions Asia & Pacific & North America and by that energy recovery wheels has become a part of the core businesses in these regions.

Ostberg (Kunshan) Ventilation Co Ltd and Ostberg India PVT Ltd have the exclusive right to manufacture and sell Enventus energy recovery units – manufactured by Östberg in Asia & Pacific, North America & Central America until December 2017.
During this period Östberg will introduce the new Östberg Energy Recovery Wheels and with the new casings Östberg Energy Recovery Wheel Units.

Östberg Group AB have an existing “know‐how‐center” with own staff and expertise at Ostberg (Kunshan) Ventilation Co Ltd, that has long experience from Enventus AB.
All future development of Östberg Energy Recovery Wheels will be managed by Ostberg (Kunshan) Ventilation Co,. Ltd.

Ostberg (Kunshan) Ventilation Co Ltd will continue to manufacture the famous HM1 foil with the proven ”world class” humidity performance.

The manufacturing equipment at Ostberg Kunshan and Ostberg India is ”state‐of‐the‐art” for an efficient production meeting the highest quality demands.

The new Östberg Energy Recovery Wheels and Östberg Energy Recovery Wheel Units will be introduced in 2015.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to visit the Östberg booths and see the Östberg Energy Recovery Wheel Units at the Acrex exhibition in Bangalore, India 26th–28th of February 2015 and at the China Refrigeration exhibition in Shanghai, 8th–10th of April 2015.

If you have questions how this will impact you and your future cooperation with Östberg, please feel free to contact any one of us via email or by phone. You can also contact your daily contact person within Östberg Group for further information.

Magnus Daniels
Marketing Director
Östberg Group AB

+46 226 86025/70 3290096

Peter Klyver
Managing Director
Ostberg (Kunshan) Ventilation Co Ltd

+86 138 626 1515

Ula Ilanseral
Managing Director
Ostberg India PVT Ltd

+91 988 496 0914